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Compare Insurance Quotes Online with KD Smith Insurance Agency

Shopping for auto and home insurance in Allentown, Pennsylvania, can be time-consuming, frustrating and/or confusing. When you compare insurance costs, get quotes for identical coverage to make a wise decision. Visiting independent agent websites that allow you to evaluate cost of auto or home insurance from multiple companies at one location is much more efficient than calling every source in Allentown.

You should first prepare a checklist of coverage you want for your car and house to ensure that you receive pricing on identical protection. There is little more deflating than learning that a fabulous quote you received from XYZ Company did not include a coverage component you need.

By having a written checklist before you shop, you will receive specific apples-to-apples quotes when you compare premium costs. Pay particular attention to deductibles and exclusions when you compare Allentown, Pennsylvania coverage specifics. For example, when examining exclusions for home insurance, be clear about coverage, or lack thereof, for "acts of God," which include lightning, wind and water damage. You must be clear if natural disaster losses are or are not covered.

The weather patterns of the past decade indicate that you should obtain coverage for these losses if you can afford it. While hurricane damage has been minimal, casualty losses from tornadoes, wind storms, wind-driven rain, and other natural disasters have increased.

Shopping online for auto and home insurance quotes saves you multiple phone calls or in-person visits. Investigating independent agents who can offer multiple online quotes at the same website increases your time savings--and may increase your money savings, too. Using your written coverage checklist, you can compare fair and complete premium pricing estimates from multiple companies.

Allentown, Pennsylvania drivers pay around $1,312 per year for auto insurance. You could use this statistic as a benchmark to compare premium estimates. Also, be sure to ask about available discounts for covering your auto and home with the same company, as most insurers offer bundle savings.